PoPI and Healthcare providers

PoPI AND Patient Healt Data PrivacyPatient health data confidentiality is nothing new to you. 

Confidentiality isn't the issue though.

The issue is this: the commonly accepted guidelines on how healthcare providers treat patient data are not sufficient anymore - given the requirements of the PoPI Act. When mapping these requirements against the processes that healthcare providers have been using since the 1990's significant shortcomings were found.

In this ultimate Insider Report you will learn:
  • how and why a new medical claim value chain came into existence - one that patients aren't aware of;
  • the full extent of the network through which highly sensitive personal information flows unabated and unregulated;
  • the problem with each additional service provider being added to the claim submission value chain;
  • what the Privacy Regulator will be taking note of; and
  • a checklist of what you can, and need to do.